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Shabang 2024 Line Up is Almost Here, A Poem
Lineup coming January 23rd at 11 am!
In Cal Poly's hills, a dream did bloom,
DIY vibes, music's sweet perfume.
Three friends, "The Last Shabang" in the air,
A decade on, a West Coast affair.

Ten thousand souls, under festival's light,
A Coastal ode, where waves unite.
Local flavors, yoga's embrace,
Interactive designs, a visual grace.

A decade spun, unity's thread,
In 2024, where memories are bred.
Sickest Shabang, no holding back,
Mark your date for the lineup track.

January 23rd, morning's delight,
Roster revealed, festival's height.
Turn the funk up, hold it near,
Shabang 2024, the beat is clear.