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When is Shabang?
Where is Shabang?
Is Shabang an all-ages event?
How do I know which artists are playing on what day?
Are there security & medical teams at Shabang?
Is Clothing at Shabang Optional?
Is Shabang a drug-free event?
Can I bring a pet?
Can I bring a documented service animal?
Is there a lost and found?
Will there be water for sale?
Will there be alcohol sold at Shabang?
Who should I contact for general festival and event questions?
How can I get involved with Shabang?
What is the photo policy?
What is the drone policy?
Are there ins & outs?
Am I allowed to bring a hydration bladder?
What time does music start?
What can I & Can't I bring into the festival?
Are there lockers at Shabang?
I'm from out of town. Where should I stay?
I want to know more about my environmental impact at Shabang. Where can I look?
I want to camp but not at the Shabang campgrounds. What campgrounds are near?
How do I buy a ticket?
Where do I find my ticket?
When do tickets go on sale?
Do you have payment plans?
How do I get on a payment plan?
Are there any fees associated with the payment plan?
I can no longer attend Shabang. Can I have a refund?
How do I transfer my ticket to another person?
Does the other person need to have a Tixr account to accept or decline the transfer?
Who do I contact with a question or concern regarding purchasing tickets online?
Do I need a physical ticket to get into Shabang?
I have my friend’s ticket but we’re arriving separately. What should I do?
Can we swim in the lake at Dairy Creek Golf Course?
Can we have fires and open flame grills?
What is the terrain like at dairy creek golf course?
Will there be a lot of dust?
Is Dairy Creek Golf Course ADA accessible?
Is there Wifi?
What time is load in?
What if I miss the load in time?
What time is load out?
What amenities does the campsite provide?
Can I bring a trailer?
What does an RV Camping Pass Include?
What does a Car Camping Pass Include?
What does a Camping Pass Include?
How many people per campsite?
Can I reserve a campsite?
Can I reserve a spot for my friends?
How far are the campgrounds from the festival?
Are campfires allowed?
Where do we put our trash?
What if I forgot trash bags?
How do I know what is recycling?
Are cigarette butts and joint butts fine to throw on the ground?
Will there be a camp host?
Is there water at the campsites?
If I don't have a Car Camping Pass but drive to the festival and am camping, what do I do?
Will there be RV and Trailer sites at Shabang?
Is there a Maximum Length for RV's?
Are pets allowed at the campsite?
Is music allowed at the Campsite?
I have a disability. Where may I camp?
What should I bring?
What can't I bring?
How can I get to Shabang?
How do the shuttles work?
What if I miss my shuttle departure window?
Is there parking at the festival? Does it cost money?
Where should I have my ride share driver drop me off?